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Liverpool Society of Anaesthetists AGM

6th May 2016

President Ewen Forrest welcomed LSA members to the 2015/2016 AGM. He started by advertising the John Utting Travelling Fellowship and said that the society had already made one award this academic year and hoped to make a second, but as the our treasurer was not present he was unable to announce it without his prior agreement.

Honorary Treasurer’s Report.
The President gave the treasurer’s report as the Honorary Treasurer, Richard Craig, was running late to the AGM. He said all of our accounts are available on the Charity Commission’s website for anyone to view. He showed that the income and expenditure was level for the year and we have been compliant with the Charity Commission. The President explained that during alternate years we organise and pay for the joint meeting between ourselves and the Manchester Medical Society (MMS) which puts us in a deficit for that year, but which is made up the following year. He went onto explain the subscription rates and the variation in them. He said that next year we will be investigating this further so that all members are paying the £50 subscription rate. We currently have about 190 members and this is rising due to the addition of trainees who gain their CCT and start paying subscriptions.

We currently have over £50,000 in the bank in 2 accounts, we have 2 TCG Medals and we are going to have more made, as well as Jackson Rees Medals for the Trainees’ Prize. We don’t have any major expenditure and none of the officers are paid. We give Margaret Trowler an honorarium for her administration work regarding the meetings. We pay the LMI for use of the building and the caterers also. The only other expenses we normally have are the travelling expenses and honorarium for our speakers.

Income came from subscriptions, some sponsorship and a cheque from the MMS to cover some of the costs of the joint meeting this year. Additionally, we have secured funding this year from the TCG fund from University of Liverpool this year to finance the TCG BJA lecture medal. The honorary secretary also pointed out that we will be receiving income from the University of Liverpool to fund the John Utting Travel Scholarship which was not incorporated into the presentation but will be added. 

The President, on the Treasurer’s behalf, proposed to the members that we alter the constitution to reflect that the officers, i.e. the President, Immediate Past President, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary, should be listed as the trustees of the LSA as opposed to all the ordinary officers, as is currently the case. This was passed by the members unanimously. The President also proposed, on behalf of the Treasurer, that the constitution should be changed to reflect how the accounts are examined each year. As a charity we do not have to have our accounts audited each year, but we do have to have them independently examined by an accountant, which is what actually happens, but not what is stated in the constitution. Our accountant advised that we change the constitution to reflect what we actually do. This was proposed and again passed by the members unanimously. Our accountant has moved firms from ‘Lonsdale & Marsh’ to ‘Simcox and Co.’ and the President asked if there were any objections to the society carrying on using the same accountant, to which there was none.

The President asked if there were any questions regarding the Treasurer’s report and the President-elect, Clare Howard, asked if there was any way of identifying who was not paying full subscriptions. Ewen said that previous treasurer, Pat Mullen, may know who these members are.

Officers of the Committee.
The President elect, Dr Clare Howard, was appointed at the last AGM.
Dr Ewen Forrest will become the immediate Past President.
The Honorary Treasurer, Richard Craig, stood for re-election, he was proposed and seconded and unanimously voted in as treasurer again.
The Honorary Secretary, Gemma Roberts, stood for re-election, was proposed and seconded and unanimously voted in as secretary again.
The committee was confirmed as:
Dr Alison Hall, Dr Janina Holt, Dr Shoba Ramakrishnan, Dr Swaraj and Dr Nicole Robin.
Due to Dr Simon Mercer and Dr James McKevith leaving the committee, the President proposed Dr Alok Srivastava and Dr Michael McGovern as new ordinary members, both of which were seconded and unanimously voted in.
The co-opted members are Dr Catherine Gerrard, representing the Mersey School of Anaesthesia and Drs Vicky Lester & Rachel Smith representing the members in training.
That concluded the business of the AGM.

Dr Forrest then gave his final Presidential Address on a ‘Matter of Life and Death’, a very entertaining talk about Bill Shankly, a Liverpool Icon and former manager of Liverpool Football Club. 


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