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Minutes from Annual General Meeting

11th May 2007

Annual General Meeting

The business meeting started at 7pm with the approval of the minutes of the AGM of 12th May 2006 as accurate with the exception of the apology of Ann Florence which had not been recorded.

The report of the Honorary Treasurer, Ian Tweedie was given in which he pointed out the principle incomes of membership, sponsorship and the MSA and the outgoings of meetings as well as other more minor expenses. He noted that there was a still outstanding sum owed to the LMI for the refurbishment of the Anaesthetic Suite but in the absence of an invoice, the sum had yet to be paid. There was also the possibility of reclaiming Giftaid from retired members. David Gray announced at the meeting that the MSA would give a donation to the society in recognition and appreciation of the continuing significant contribution made to MSA exam courses. The accounts were unanimously accepted and Lonsdale and Marsh were agreed as the auditors for the accounts for the next 12 months.

The election of Officers and Ordinary members to the committee followed with unanimous approval of the President-Elect, Prof Jennie Hunter and Frank Potter as an Ordinary Member of the Committee, as well as the re-election of Ewen Forrest as honorary secretary and Ian Tweedie as honorary treasurer. In recognition of the long-standing commitment of Ann Florence and Tony Gilbertson as Trustees of the society, it was proposed and unanimously approved that both these members should become Life Vice-Presidents of the society.

The revision of the constitution was briefly run through with the significant changes highlighted. This was unanimously approved and will be submitted to the Charity Commission in due course.

There was no further business and Alex Dugdale, Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anaesthesia was introduced. Alex spoke of the comparative aspects of veterinary and human anaesthesia. Although there was a similar approach in both spheres, vets had to deal with a much greater range in both size and animal species. She briefly described commonly used anaesthetic agents and demonstrated through a video the successful induction and recovery techniques in equine anaesthesia. Alex finished this section by showing an old training video of Ron Jones demonstrating chloroform anaesthesia in a pony. This was not entirely successful much to the amusement of the audience!

Alex Dugdale finished her talk with a question coming from a recent student research project. She asked whether there was a place for a training/safety device for manual ventilation in medical anaesthesia? This came from the observation of trainees who would fully empty re-breathing bags into their animal patients potentially producing significant barotraumas. However, the trainees rapidly learned more appropriate tidal ventilation. Various opinions were expressed and the consensus was that there maybe a place for such a device.

The meeting closed at 8.30pm and was followed by a tour of the newly opened small animal hospital and dinner in Leahurst House.


Ewen Forrest
Hon Sec



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