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Minutes from Meeting 12th May 2006

Annual General Meeting

There were no minutes available from the 2005 AGM

Treasurers report: The treasurer Dr Tweedie presented the balance sheet for the year ending April 2006, which showed a balanced position (copy attached). He also presented a graph demonstrating the end of year balance since 2001, which showed the dramatic rise after the ‘Slim Volume’ meeting, and then a slow decline in the balance each year since. Hence supporting the need for another major fund raising event in the next few years. The members present supported reappointing Lonsdale and Marsh as auditors for the societies accounts. Dr Gray took the opportunity of presenting a £1000 donation from the MSA, in recognition of our retired members assistance with the school’s courses.

Election of officers: As none of the positions were challenged all proposed committee officers and members were voted in unopposed.

Open forum debate: Dr Gray proposed that we should trial an open forum session at each meeting where topical subjects can be freely discussed for a time limited period. The members agreed to trial the suggestion starting in the next session.

Naming of Anaesthetic Suite: Dr Ahearne proposed that we should recommend to the MSA and LMI committees that the new suite be named after Prof. Cecil Gray, with a provisional plan to have the naming at the first meeting in the autumn. The motion was carried unanimously.

Presidential Address: Dr Wil Roberts then presented the Presidential address, ‘A Shepherds Lament’. He started with some advice from Paracelsus to doctors, which he had followed. This involved travel and meeting with old wives and outlaws whilst climbing around the world. He accompanied with an interesting slide show of his travels. He then moved on to the main talk about an area of North Wales with which he has fallen in love - the Gwm Pennant valley. Illustrated with a many wonderful pictures we followed it from source to sea observing it through the seasons and hearing about the local history, industrial archaeology, zoology, botany and farming.

After a vote of thanks from Dr John Crook the President closed the meeting, and invited all present to dine.


Ewen Forrest

Honorary Secretary

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