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Minutes from Meeting 22nd February 2013

The Trainee's Prize & Jackson Rees Medal

The President, Dr Janice Fazackerley, opened the meeting and introduced the speakers who spoke for 10 minutes each with 5 minutes for questions.

  1. ‘Comparison of Paravertebral Block against Thoracic Epidural following Pectus Surgery’ – Dr Nick Airey

  2. ‘Determining the Best Introducer for Intubating with a new video-Laryngoscope Blade’ – Dr Bisanth Batuwitage

  3. ‘Intrathecal Ropivacaine+/-Opioid vs Bupivacaine+/-Opioid Per-Operatively: A Meta-Analysis’ – Dr Raj Malhotra

  4. ‘Measurement of Maternal Cardiac Output: Is The Ultrasound Cardiac Output Monitor Accurate and Reliable in Pregnancy?’ – Dr Helen McNamara

  5. ‘Emergency Surgical Airway Videos – A Useful Educational Tool?’ – Dr Ben Morton

The audience voted for the best two presentations using the scorecards provided. Once all votes had been counted the winner was announced as Dr Helen McNamara who was presented with the Jackson Rees Medal and the runner-up was Dr Raj Malhotra.

Ewen Forrest
Hon Secretary
25th February 2013

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