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Minutes from Meeting 23rd February 2007

The Trainee's Prize & Jackson Rees Medal

The meeting commenced at 7pm with a welcome from Dr Will Roberts, the Immediate Past President, due to the late arrival of Dr John Chambers. Following the approval of the minutes of the meeting in January, the first of six presentations was given.

The running order was as follows:

  • ’What lies beneath the surface?’ Dr Nirmal Daniel
  • ‘Unanticipated Difficult Airway Management in anaesthetized patients: A prospective study of management strategies practised in a District General Hospital.’ Dr P.M. Kuduvalli
  • ‘Audit of Airway Problems in Patients returned to theatre following Radical Neck Dissection’. Dr S Darshane
  • ‘A comparison of rocuronium and sugammadex with cis-atracurium and neostigmine when neuromuscular block is reversed at re-appearance of T2’. Dr K.Glennon
  • ‘Intravenous iron sucrose (± erythropoietin) versus oral iron for correction of post-operative anaemia in women with gynaecological malignancies’. Dr R.Sieunarine
  • ‘A Tale of Three Lungs’. Dr Nina Holt

The three judges, Prof Ron Jones, Dr Arpan Guha and Dr Janice Fazackerley retired to consider their verdict and during the brief interval, Ian Tweedie presented a brief slide show on the life and times of Dr Jack Rees. After this there were several stories about Jack.

Prof Ron Jones returned and, as chair of judges, firstly thanked and congratulated all the entrants on the high standards of the presentations. He did however comment upon the fact that many of these papers were consultant driven as indicated by the multiple authors on the submitted abstracts. He made the point that this was the Trainees’ Prize and therefore papers should be trainee driven.

The second prize was awarded to Dr Preeti Kuduvalli with a paper on an important subject which had clearly involved a great deal of work.

The First Prize and Jackson Rees Medal was awarded to Dr Nirmal Daniel.

The meeting concluded at 9pm.


Ewen Forrest

Honorary Secretary



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