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Minutes from Meeting 24th February 2016

The Trainee's Prize & Jackson Rees Medal

The meeting was opened by the President, Dr Ewen Forrest, who firstly thanked the shortlisting judges, Dr Alison Hall, Dr Andrew McDonald, Dr Chris Parker and Dr Ben Morton who had received anonymised versions of the nine entries. Each candidate presented for 10 minutes and 5 minutes to answer questions.

1) ‘Changes in ROTEM parameters during pregnancy’ – Dr Faye Bowden

2) ‘The Countess of Chester Carotid Endarterectomy Service’ – Dr Richard Dodwell

3) ‘The Formation of a Trainee-Led Regional Quality Improvement Group: Making MAGIQ’ – Dr Nick Lown

4) ‘Use of a Modified CriSTAL Score to Predict Futility of Critical Care in the Elderly’ – Dr Arunan Yogasundaram

5) 'Novice Laryngoscopy Survey’ – Dr Richard Berwick

Once the votes of the audience had been counted, the winner was Dr Nick Lown, who was presented with the Jackson Rees Medal and the runner-up was Dr Richard Dodwell.

Ewen Forrest
Honorary President

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