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Minutes from Meeting 25th February 20011

The Trainee's Prize & Jackson Rees Medal

The meeting was opened by the President, Dr C. Bell who introduced the four speakers:


1) Fluid resuscitation in burns: the 1st 24 hours

Dr Will Lo

2) Preoperative CPX testing: The Melbourne Experience

Dr Sam Sandow

3) Massive haemorrhage in placenta praevia during caesarean section is not related to the grade of placenta

Dr Suganthi Singaravelu

4) Systematic review of intrathecal magnesium given alone or in combination with LAs and opioids.

Dr Adie Morrison

Following the adding up the scores on the cards provided on the cards, the winner was Dr Adie Morrison with Dr Will Loh in second place.

Ewen Forrest

28th February 2011

Honorary Secretary



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