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Minutes from Meeting 28th February 2014

The Trainee's Prize & Jackson Rees Medal

The meeting was opened by the President, Dr Janice Fazackerley. She introduced the following speakers who had been shortlisted from 6 entries. Each candidate presented for 10 minutes followed by 5 minutes of questions

1) Evaluating our ROTEM guided Massive Obstetric Haemorrhage (MOH) algorithm and the effects of Fibrinogen Concentrate use.

Anil Bhalla

2) Design, validation and implementation of a care bundle to reduce peri-operative risk to children with obesity.

Leanne Callaghan

3) Changing practice and implementation of new guidelines; Audit on Pain relief using oral morphine for analgesia following elective Caesarean section.

Rashmi Khirwadkar

4) Dexamethasone as an adjunct to peripheral nerve blockade: a meta-analysis.

David Mayhew

The audience voted for the best two presentations using scorecards provided. Once all votes had been counted the winner was announced as Dr Rashmi Khirwadkar who was presented with the Jackson Rees Medal and the runner-up was Dr David Mayhew.

Ewen Forrest
Hon Secretary
28th February 2014

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