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Minutes from Meeting 29th February 2008

The Trainee's Prize & Jackson Rees Medal

The meeting opened at 7pm with the President welcoming all to the evening. The judges were announced for the competition as Professor J.Hunter, Dr Janice Fazackerley and Dr Arpan Guha. Six presentations of 10 minutes each with 5 minutes for questions were introduced by the President in the following order:

  • ‘External Trans-illumination of the upper airways to guide tracheal intubation - a pilot study’ – Mohidin Ali
  • ‘Restraint during induction of dental chair anaesthesia: What do parents think?’ - Anita Jhamatt
  • ‘A Hot Topic’ – Bruce Neary
  • ‘Impact of increasing maternal obesity on anaesthetic service provision from 1998 to 2006’ - Rajagopa Vennila
  • ‘Postoperative Analgesia, Side Effects and Patient Satisfaction after Intrathecal Diamorphine for Total Hip Replacement’ - Era Vermani
  • ‘A regional survey of drugs used for rapid sequence induction of anaesthesia’ - Roy Williamson

Following the presentations, the judges retired to consider their verdict during which time the audience viewed a brief biography of Dr Jackson Rees and a video of an interview of him with the late Professor Cecil Gray. Professor Jennie Hunter returned and announced the result with Dr Vermani in first place and Dr Vennila in second place. Following an announcement by Dr John Sprigge imploring everyone to join the LMI, the meeting concluded at 9pm.

Ewen Forrest

Honorary Secretary



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