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Minutes from Committee Meeting 5th February 2003

PRESENT: David Gray, Raymond Ahearn, Gordon Bush, Edmund Riding, John Chambers, Ian Tweedie, Christine Bell, June Cooper, Craig Cowan, Janice Fazackerley, Martin Leuwer, Evan Moore, Will Roberts

1. Apologies

Cecil Gray, Alan Stead, James Crooke, Anne Florence, Ewen Forrest


2. The Minutes of the Committee Meeting of 9th May 2002

The minutes were approved as correct.


3. Matters arising from the Minutes

None was raised.


4. Jackson Rees Medal

Gordon Bush acknowledged that the decision to fund a medal for the Registrars’ Prize had been ratified at the May 2002 AGM but wished to propose that a travelling fellowship be offered instead, funded in perpetuity from interest on the capital.

Martin Leuwer cautioned that it was impossible to define the cost of such a prize. Furthermore, it could not be assumed that the monies promised for a medal were transferable: this was certainly the case with his industrial sponsor. Raymond Ahearn pointed out that the committee had agreed earlier that even a visiting lecturer was beyond the projected budget. Will Roberts wondered whether the Society would still be in existence when the last Jackson Rees Medal was gone in 30 years time. Ian Tweedie calculated that to generate even £2,000 per year at current interest rates, a capital sum of at least £66,000 would be required.

Gordon Bush conceded that a travelling fellowship was not a viable proposition and the Society should press on with plans for the Medal, remarking that “the tide is on the ebb”. He then asked to be excused to attend to urgent domestic business.


5. Liverpool-Cork return match

The president reported that after he and the Secretary had trailed round numerous Liverpool hotels and finally booked the Adelphi, the Irish had decided they preferred a venue on the Wirral. The Secretary had then repeated the exercise on the Wirral and eventually booked Craxton Wood. The details had then been circulated in July last year to LSA members and to the Secretary of the South of Ireland Anaesthetists, but while places had been booked by several LSA members, little had been heard as yet from the Irish.

Despite the uncertainty, it was decided to press on and to form a sub-committee for the scientific symposium comprising Martin Leuwer, Craig Cowan and Evan Moore. Raymond Ahearn and John Chambers would be responsible for the social programme.


6. Slim Volume Symposium

The Symposium had been a great success and attracted many complements from delegates. The President thanked those involved. The balance sheet was still incomplete but a profit of £20,000 seemed assured.


7. Nomination of Officers and Ordinary Members for 2002-2003

Will Roberts was unanimously accepted as candidate for President in 2004-2006. Brenda Phillips had completed her third year as an ordinary member: Arpan Guha would be invited to stand as her replacement. Brenda Phillips would be co-opted for the coming term, together with Simon Bricker and Lawrence McCrossan. David Raw would continue as co-opted member in training.


Officers: President: David Gray; President Elect: Will Roberts; Life Vice Presidents: Cecil Gray, Edmund Riding, Gordon Bush, Alan Stead, Raymond Ahearn; Honorary Treasurer: Ian Tweedie; Honorary Secretary: John Chambers

Ordinary Members: Christine Bell, June Cooper, Martin Leuwer, Arpan Guha

Co-opted Members: Craig Cowan, James Crooke, Janice Fazakerley, Ewen Forrest, Evan Moore, Roger O’Kell, Simon Bricker, Lawrence McCrossan

Member in Training: David Raw


8. Programme for session 2003/2004

October 2003: To celebrate the forthcoming 90th birthday of Cecil Gray in March 2004, Ronald Millar will be invited to speak. Martin Leuwer will arrange this, together with the date. Reserve will be Bill Bowman, Pharmacologist from Glasgow.

December 2003: Joint meeting with the LMI. Mike Chesters, Cardiologist at CTC. Reserve: Andy Charlton, Anaesthetist at St Mary’s, Manchester.

January 2004: Professor Karol Kopp of Freiburg. Martin Leuwer will arrange this. Reserve, Ton Beaufort

February 2004: The Registrar’s Prize.

March 2004: (Date unknown) Joint Meeting with Manchester Anaesthetists, in Manchester. Mark Forrest would be invited to speak on Trauma, reserve John Harrison on Hyperbaric

May 2004: AGM and Presidential address


9. Private business

David Gray was keen that this newly established item, a 10-minute discussion of topics of current interest, should continue at ordinary meetings. Nobody objected.


10. Any other business

Ian Tweedie reported that the Society’s recent financial success meant that the accounts must be audited professionally by an accountant. This would cost £300 plus VAT. He also considered it wise to appoint a number of new trustees: he suggested Raymond Ahearn and Tony Gilberson and further suggested that Cecil Gray be allowed to stand down.

Discussion then turned to the Society making a donation to the Jackson Rees Fund. It was agreed that this would be appropriate.

The meeting closed at 9 10 pm and all retired for an excellent Gourmet Caterers buffet supper.


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