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Minutes from Committee Meeting 6th February 2004

PRESENT: David Gray, Raymond Ahearn, Edmund Riding, John Chambers, Ian Tweedie, Tony Gilbertson, Christine Bell, June Cooper, Arpan Guha

1. Apologies

Cecil Gray, Alan Stead, Gordon Bush, Simon Bricker, Anne Florence, Ewen Forrest, Martin Leuwer, Wil Roberts


2. The Minutes of the Committee Meeting of 5th February 2003

The third sentence of the first paragraph of item 10, ‘Any other business’ was amended thus: He [Ian Tweedie] also considered it wise to appoint a number of new trustees: he suggested Raymond Ahearn, Tony Gilbertson and Anne Florence and further suggested that Cecil Gray be allowed to stand down. Raymond Ahearn declined.


3. Matters arising from the Minutes

(a) Auditing of accounts

The Honorary Treasurer, Ian Tweedie, reported that the Liverpool firm of chartered accountants, Lonsdale and Marsh had audited the accounts. Their advice was that the senior (or executive) officers of the committee - the president, secretary and treasurer - should all become trustees in accordance with normal practice. After a short discussion, with contributions from Tony Gilbertson and Arpan Guha, it was decided that Tony Gilbertson, in the role of acting chairman of the trustees, would propose a list of names to the trustees on behalf of the committee. He would also investigate whether the constitution needed bringing up to date and would speak to Cecil Gray on standing down.

The auditors had also agreed with Ian Tweedie that the current practice of the Honorary Treasurer being the sole signatory to the bank account was unsatisfactory. Ian Tweedie intended to pursue the introduction of multiple signatories.

(b) Jackson Rees Medal

Ian Tweedie would implement the production of 30 medals in time for the 2005 Registrars’ Prize Competition. The winner would appear on an honours board at the LMI and also receive a commemorative parchment scroll. Joan Kelly would be invited to provide the calligraphy. Mersey School of Anaesthesia would donate £5000 and the LSA would donate a sum to be decided in discussion with the trustees.

(c) Slim Volume Symposium

David Gray expressed thanks to Ewen Forrest His efforts had resulted in a profit of more than £30,000. There was enthusiasm among members for Slim Volume 2 in 2006. A steering group comprising the President, Treasurer, Secretary and Ewen Forrest would meet to select an organiser.


4. Nomination of Officers and Ordinary Members for 2004-2005

Martin Leuwer and Christine Bell were completing their third and final year as elected members. Both would be co-opted. Ewen Forrest and Simon Bricker would be invited to stand as elected members. Lawrence Wilson would be co-opted as member in training. John Chambers was willing to serve as Secretary but would be overseas in May and June.


Officers: President: Wil Roberts; Vice President: David Gray; Life Vice Presidents: Cecil Gray, Edmund Riding, Gordon Bush, Alan Stead, Raymond Ahearn; Honorary Treasurer: Ian Tweedie: Honorary Secretary: John Chambers

Ordinary Members: Simon Bricker, June Cooper, Ewen Forrest, Arpan Guha

Co-opted Members: Christine Bell, Brenda Phillips, Craig Cowan, James Crooke, Martin Leuwer, Angela Murray, Roger O’Kell

Member in Training: Lawrence Wilson.


5. Programme for session 2004/2005

October 2004: Mersey School of Anaesthesia to choose speaker and provide sponsorship.

December 2004: Joint meeting with the LMI. WgCdr Gradwell on the Eurofighter, Reserve Andy Charlton, Anaesthetist at St Mary’s, Manchester.

January 2005: Neil Bennett, President, Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists, Reserves Neil Soni of Chelsea & Westminster, David Menon, neuroanaesthetist from Cambridge.

February 2005: The Registrar’s Prize.

March 2005: Joint Meeting with Manchester Anaesthetists, in Liverpool. Mark Forrest would be invited to speak on Trauma.

May 2005: AGM Wil Roberts to select venue


6. Any other business

David Gray explained that Mersey School of Anaesthesia had formed a link with The Royal Society of Medicine section of Anaesthesia to produce a bi-annual meeting, the next being in autumn 2005. He suggested that a joint LSA-RSM meeting could be held in the intervening years. There was some support for the idea.

He then proposed that the President, Vice President, Trustees, Treasurer and Secretary should constitute an Executive Committee to meet in addition to their attendance at the full committee. It was agreed to put the proposal to the AGM in May.

David Gray then raised the topic of a Hospitality Budget for the President, principally to purchase wine to go with the supper. A discussion followed in which most members seemed to have no objection. The meeting closed at 4 45 pm and all retired to the Registrars’ Prize meeting



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