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Minutes from Committee Meeting 8th December 2004

PRESENT: Wil Roberts, David Gray, Edmund Riding, Gordon Bush, John Chambers, Ian Tweedie, Anne Florence, Christine Bell, June Cooper

1. Apologies

Cecil Gray, Alan Stead, Ewen Forrest, Brenda Phillips, Angela Murray, Tony Gilbertson, Craig Cowan, James Crooke


2. The Minutes of the Committee Meeting of 6th February 2004

The minutes were agreed to be correct subject to the second sentence of the first paragraph of item 6 Any other business to read as follows: He suggested that a joint LSA – MSA (Anaesthetic Section of Manchester Medical Society) could be held in the intervening years.


3. Matters arising from the Minutes

(a) Auditing of accounts

Ian Tweedie reported that the accounts had been sent for auditing. Ian Tweedie will remind Tony Gilbertson of the auditors’ advice that the president, secretary and treasurer should become trustees. The finances were in a healthy state with £9,000 in the current account and £28,000 in the deposit account. The Inland Revenue had agreed to the introduction of Gift Aid.

(b) Jackson Rees Medal

Twenty medals had been ordered by Ian Tweedie and would be ready by January. They were solid silver: one side showed Jackson Rees in profile, the other was inscribed ‘ LSA Trainees’ Prize’ with a space for the date and name of the winner. The die, which would remain the property of the Society, had cost £4,000 and the medals £250 each. A video featuring Jack had been found and would be shown in shortened form while the judges retired after the last trainee’s presentation.

(c) Slim Volume Symposium

No progress had been made on Slim Volume 2 because the proposed steering group had not met.

(d) Executive Committee

Although the proposed Executive Committee of President, Vice President, Trustees, Treasurer and Secretary had been an agenda item at the May 2004 AGM, it had not been put to the members for approval. June Cooper pointed out that it could not now go ahead.

(e) Hospitality Budget

Wine was now appearing at post-meeting suppers, supplied by LMI and funded by LSA.


4. Nomination of Officers and Ordinary Members for 2005-2006

June Cooper was in her third and final year as an elected member. She was willing to continue as a co-opted member. Christine Bell would be proposed as her replacement. The committee seemed keen to propose John Chambers as President Elect. Ewen Forrest would be invited to become Honorary Secretary. His place as an elected member could be taken by Janice Fazakerley. David Gray would be co-opted as Director of Mersey School of Anaesthesia. Lawrence Wilson would be encouraged by David Gray to continue as Member in Training.


Officers: President: Wil Roberts; President Elect: John Chambers; Life Vice Presidents: Cecil Gray, Edmund Riding, Gordon Bush, Alan Stead, Raymond Ahearn; Honorary Treasurer: Ian Tweedie; Honorary Secretary Ewen Forrest

Ordinary Members: Simon Bricker, Christine Bell, Arpan Guha Janice Fazakerley

Co-opted Members: June Cooper Brenda Phillips Craig Cowan James Crooke Martin Leuwer Angela Murray Roger O’Kell Member in Training Lawrence Wilson


5. Programme for session 2004/2005

October 2005: Mersey School of Anaesthesia to choose speaker and provide sponsorship.

December 2005: Joint meeting with the LMI. Prof Allyson Pollock, Health Policy Unit, University College London, ‘NHS plc’ or James le Fanu or Thomas Stuttaford or Andy Charlton, Anaesthetist at St Mary’s, Manchester.

January 2006: Intensive Care theme: Neil Soni of Chelsea & Westminster, or Monty Mython or David Menon, neuroanaesthetist from Cambridge.

February 2006: The Registrar’s Prize.

March 2006: Joint Meeting with Manchester Anaesthetists. It would follow the formula instituted by David Gray and would be Manchester’s turn to organise.

May 2006: Wil Roberts would give his address. The meeting would probably be in LMI.


6. Any other business

David Gray thought that the attendance of trainees might be increased if they had to pay to join. The Secretary explained that the main reason for not charging was the difficulty of keeping track of them as they rotated through training posts. David Gray agreed to take responsibility for this using the Mersey School database. A majority of those present considered that the current Consultant fee of £25 should be extended across the board to include trainees.


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