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Minutes from Committee Meeting 13th March 2006

PRESENT: Dr. E. Forrest Dr. W. Roberts Dr. Angela Murray Dr. Brenda Phillips Prof. R.S.Jones Dr. Janice Fazakerley Dr. J.Chambers Dr. J.Crooke Dr. D.Gray Dr. L.Wilson Dr. R.O’Kell Dr. June Cooper Dr. Raymond Ahearn

1) Apologies

Dr. G. Bush Dr. A. Florence Dr. Arpan Guha Dr. Tony Gilbertson Dr. J.E.Riding Dr. S.Bricker Dr. C.Bell Dr I.Tweedie


2) Minutes Of The Committee Meeting On 24th November 2005

With the exception of a couple of typographical errors and the omission of Dr Ahearn’s name from the attendance record despite being mentioned in the minutes, the minutes were agreed as correct.


3) Matters arising from the Minutes

a) Open Forum.

It was agreed that Prof. Hunter would be asked at the AGM to take this item forward and chair each session. Ewen Forrest would contact her prior to the AGM to make sure that she was still agreeable.

b) Anaesthetic Suite at the LMI.

The total bill for the construction of the anaesthetic suite was not known and the treasurer had not yet been asked for any money towards it. The committee of the LMI had recently met. They had not agreed to the waiving of the hire fees for the lecture theatre or committee room for meetings in return for the donation towards the construction of the suite. At present the financial arrangement was that the LMI would pay half of the cost and the other half would be split equally between the LSA and the MSA. Ian Tweedie asked what the Society would be getting in return for this donation. David Gray answered that it would represent a permanent place for anaesthetists in a historic building and some of the senior members would be setting up a museum area with historical items currently in store. He also stated that the LMI Council would like it called the ‘Cecil Gray Suite’, which could then be opened at the AGM in May.


4) Nomination of Officers.

Ron Jones initially commented upon the large number of co-opted members on the committee and thought that there should be more elected members. Raymond Ahearn spoke about the background of having a link with every hospital hence the relatively high number of co-opted members in comparison with elected members. It was agreed that there should be as much representation as possible from each hospital in the region and Janice Fazackerley suggested a linkman system. Electronic communication had certainly heightened the profile of the society and it is now simple to get in touch with the secretary by replying to the regular emails. Ron Jones, having had dealings with the Charity Commission said that the Commission thought that the constitution of a charity should be revised every 10 years. The LSA constitution had been initially written over 20 years ago when the LSA had been granted charitable status. It had not been looked at since then. John Chambers agreed to pass this document on to Ron Jones who would to look at it again and seek legal advice as to whether it needed to be revised.

Following the revision of the constitution, it would be put before the committee for agreement and then to the society as a whole at an extra-ordinary general meeting at the beginning of an evening meeting ideally at the first meeting of the new session next October. However the make-up of the committee could not be changed for next year at this point. Lawrence McCrossan had been an elected member for 3 years and needed to be replaced and June Cooper wished to stand down as a co-opted member. There had been four expressions of interest for committee membership following a request from members. It was agreed that Terry Hankin should be put forward for election to the committee and Pat Mullen should be co-opted. Ewen Forrest would contact them before the AGM.


5) Finalisation of Programme for the session 2006-2007.

Ewen Forrest reported that the programme was virtually finished for the next session and the details were as follows:

11th October 2006: Wednesday evening – Inauguration of new President. Joint Meeting with the Mersey School, Dr Gray to organise speaker(s) LMI Booked

17th November 2006: Prof Monty Mythen – ‘Balanced Fluid Regime – A Useful Tool?’ Speaker confirmed LMI Booked

11th January 2007: Joint Meeting with the LMI Sir John Temple – ‘The Future of Medical Training in the UK’ Speaker confirmed for 11th January LMI Booked 7pm supper & 8pm

23rd February 2007: Trainees Prize LMI Booked

15th March 2007: Joint Meeting with Section of Anaesthesia, Manchester Medical Society in Warrington ‘The Management of Head Injuries’ The Role of ICP monitoring in the DGH – Carl Waldmann, Reading (confirmed) Trends in Head Injury Outcome – TARN speaker from Manchester The Role of Hypothermia in the Management of Head Injuries ?Speaker from Manchester This House believes that Head Injuries are best Treated in a Neurosurgical Centre For: Sean Tighe, Chester (confirmed) Against: Mr Paul Eldridge, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Walton Centre (confirmed). Park Royal Hotel, Stretton, Warrington provisionally booked (Liz Jackson)

11th May 2007: AGM LMI Booked

Ewen Forrest commented on the success of the joint meeting with Manchester with 140 delegates. The venue, initially booked for 75, had become too small with the popularity of the event. The location was still thought to be ideal. Only confirmation of the Manchester speakers was awaited however a further possible speaker was Mr Peter Hutchinson from Cambridge with a talk about the decompressive craniectomy trial.

Ewen Forrest also commented about the popularity of the Trainee’s Prize this year with 12 submissions. The last four had to be refused however this was felt to be unfair and next year, a shortlisting committee would be set up after the closing date to select the best six. Lawrence Wilson thought a better idea would be to have the LSA meeting on the same day as the post-fellowship afternoon meeting and have the presentations at the afternoon meeting with the SpRs shortlisting their peers. David Gray did not initially think this was a good idea being judged by their peers with potential for favouritism and some bitterness. After much discussion, it was decided to try this idea out for next year. It was agreed that several seniors should be present to ensure fair play and have a casting vote and Ewen Forrest agreed to write to Tony Gilbertson and John Crooke to ask them if they would take on this role. Lawrence Wilson agreed to speak to the organisers of the post-fellowship meetings. The closing date for the prize would be 2 weeks beforehand and the best 12 would go to the post-fellowship meeting and the best six would present in the evening. John Chambers asked that his presidential address should be postponed until 2008 as he maybe away next May. The venue for the AGM would need to be changed and the current and future Presidents, secretary and treasurer would decide this.


6) Joint Meeting with the RSM.

Ewen Forrest reported that he had had email discussions with the hon. Secretary of the section of Anaesthesia, Dr Wendy Scott and the President for 2006/7, Dr Adrian Pearce. There were two all day meetings that could be transferred to Liverpool for September 2007, one on consciousness and anaesthesia and the other on Drug Dependency. The committee felt that neither topic would attract a significant number of local delegates. David Gray was keen that we try to maintain a link with the RSM and that a meeting under the banner of the RSM was far more likely to attract good quality speakers. Ewen Forrest said that the most difficult aspect of any meeting is formulating the programme and without a volunteer to organise this, then it was unlikely to succeed. David Gray suggested that we could cherry-pick from previous meetings and would see if he could find a volunteer. Ewen Forrest would email Wendy Scott with our view.


7) Slim Volume 2.

Craig Cowan was not at the meeting to report of any progress on this topic.


8) Any Other Business.

David Gray informed the committee of the developments in the Deanery School of Anaesthesia and Mersey School of Anaesthesia. Initially there had been the possibility of a merger between the MSA and the LSA however because of the financial organisation of the MSA with trustees at the CTC being responsible for the monies of the MSA, they had made it quite clear that if there was a merger with the LSA, they would no longer be happy to be responsible which would make merger very difficult. If merger did take place it would also make the LSA an employer of two secretaries and David Gray. This idea was therefore no longer in the frame.


The meeting was adjourned at 9.10pm with a further meeting planned for early September 2006.



Ewen Forrest 15/03/2006



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