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Minutes from Committee Meeting 14th April 2008

PRESENT: Dr E Forrest, Dr C Bell, Dr A Guha, Dr R Okell, Prof R Jones, Dr J Fazakerley, Dr F Potter, Dr P Mullen

1. Apologies

Dr R Ahearn, Dr D Gray, Dr I Tweedie, Prof M Leuwer, Prof J Hunter, Dr J Chambers


2. The Minutes of the Committee Meeting of 19th November 2007

The minutes were agreed as being accurate and correct.


3. Matters arising from the Minutes


The LSA had still not been charged for the cost of the redevelopment of the Anaesthetic Suite.


A reserved parking place for the President had been organised through Audrey for all future LSA meetings.


Ewen Forrest had looked into the cost of a board to display the past Presidents of the society for display in the suite. Making the board would cost approximately £500 with gold leaf printing of names costing a further £600 (with a vinyl alternative of £200). A board for the display of winners of the Trainees prize would cost approximately double depending upon how far back the winners’ names could be identified. The first problem would be to ascertain the names of winners in the past.


4. Nomination of Officers and Ordinary Members for 2008-2009

This matter had been discussed at the previous meeting and are detailed below;

President: Prof Jennifer Hunter
Immediate Past President: John Chambers
Life Vice Presidents: J Edmund Riding, Alan Stead, Gordon Bush, Raymond Ahearn, Ron Jones, Tony Gilbertson, Anne Florence
Honorary Treasurer: Ian Tweedie
Honorary Secretary: Ewen Forrest
Ordinary Members: Christine Bell, Janice Fazakerley, Frank Potter, Terry Hankin, Pat Mullen, Arpan Guha, David Gray
Member in Training:
Co-opted Member: Roger O’Kell

The member in training, Simon Ridler, had recently been appointed to a consultant post so a replacement was needed. Several names were mentioned however it was decided that a trainee representative should ideally be on the committee for more than a year so a post-fellowship registrar with at least 2 years of training to go prior to CCT should be chosen. Michael Moneypenny was thought to be the first choice because of his involvement with the development of the website. In addition, the trainee responsible for the organisation of the post-fellowship meetings should be co-opted particularly in view of the on-going connection of the post-fellowship meeting.


5. Finalisation of Programme for the session 2008-2009

Wednesday, 8th October 2008: Joint Meeting with MSA Title to be confirmed

Friday 14th November 2008:‘Diabetes and Anaesthesia’ - Professor G.M.Hall 

Thursday 15th January 2009: Joint Meeting with LMI. ‘Physiology at the Extreme – The Xtreme Everest Expedition’ – Dr Mike Grocott, UCL

Friday 27th February 2009: Trainees' Prize.

Wednesday 25th March 2009: Joint Meeting with MMS – Manchester Town Hall – No Speakers Required

Friday 15th May 2009: AGM and Presidential Address ‘Journey of a (Professional) Lifetime’ – Professor Jennifer M.Hunter

Ron Jones relayed the view that 6 presentations on the night of the Trainees’ Prize meeting was a lot to get through and four would be a more reasonable number. Arpan Guha commented that if fewer papers were to be presented in the evening, a more robust system should be in place for the elimination process in the afternoon. He thought that the parameters by which a paper should be judged could be made more explicit. These included the originality of idea, the amount of work that the presenting trainee had put into the paper, the clinical relevance of the paper, clarity of the presentation and slides, timekeeping and the response to questions. The committee thought that these could be displayed on the website and re-iterated by the moderators on the afternoon session to reduce the number from eight to four.

6. Finances

Ian Tweedie was unable to attend the meeting but had emailed the secretary to confirm that the finances were in a healthy surplus. Ewen Forrest reported that membership had again increased over the year.

7. Any other business

Christine Bell reported that Karen Stuart-Smith, the current editor of Anaesthesia Product News, had offered to publish the abstracts of all the presentations at the recent Trainees’ Prize meeting. The committee decided to seek advice before agreeing to this request. The next meeting was provisionally set for November. The meeting closed at 19.40.



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