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Minutes from Committee Meeting 19th November 2007

PRESENT: Dr E Forrest, Prof J Hunter, Dr C Bell, Dr A Guha, Dr R Okell, Prof R Jones, Dr P Mullen, Dr D Gray, Dr I Tweedie, Dr S Ridler, Dr A Florence, Dr R Ahearn

1. Apologies

Dr A Guha, Dr J Crooke, Dr JJ Chambers, Dr T Hankin, Dr J Fazakerley, Dr F Potter


2. The Minutes of the Committee Meeting of 2nd April 2007

The minutes were agreed as being accurate and correct.


3. Matters arising from the Minutes

(a) Anaesthetic suite at the LMI

David Gray had not yet had a detailed breakdown of the costs of the refurbishment of the anaesthetic suite at the LMI and had therefore still not asked the LSA for its contribution.

(b) Revision of the Constitution

This had now been agreed at the AGM in May 2007.

(c) Finances

Ian Tweedie briefly reported on the finances of the society which presently showed a balance of £12,000 in the current account having been recently bolstered by annual subscriptions, a tax rebate from the gift aid scheme and a donation of £2000 from the MSA in recognition of the contribution made by retired members to the exam courses. There was also £25,000 in the deposit account which would shortly be reduced by payment to the MSA for the refurbishment of the anaesthetic seminar room.


4. Nomination of Officers and Ordinary Members for 2008-2009

Professor Hunter had agreed to be the President for the session with John Chambers as the immediate past-President. Ian Tweedie and Ewen Forrest agreed to remain as Honorary Treasurer and Secretary. Drs Riding and Bush had tendered their resignations from the committee but would be welcomed back if they changed their minds. The four ordinary members from this year, Drs Bell, Fazackerley, Hankin and Potter would remain as ordinary members. With the revision of the constitution, four further ordinary members were required. It was decided that Pat Mullen would be the fifth, Arpan Guha, the sixth, David Gray, the seventh as the representative of the regional training body and Simon Ridler, the eighth as the representative of the members in training. It was also agreed to co-opt Roger Okell onto the committee for a further year. Ewen Forrest would write to other members who no longer had a place on the committee to thank them for their service to the society.


5. Programme for the session 2008-2009

The October meeting would be held on Wednesday 8th October 2008 and David Gray would organise the speaker.

The November meeting would be held on Friday 14th or 21st November 2008. The first choice speaker would be Professor G.M.Hall on the subject of Anaesthesia and Diabetes. The second choice speaker would be Professor Peter Hutton on the Assessment of the Failing Anaesthetist.

The joint meeting with the LMI would be on Thursday 15th January 2009. The first choice speaker would be Dr Mike Grocott on the topic of his recent expedition to Mount Everest. The second choice would be Professor Peter Hutton and the third choice would be Professor Chris Dodds on a number of topics including education and training, orthopaedic and ophthalmic anaesthesia.

The Trainee’s Prize meeting would have the same format with elimination of four entries in the afternoon session and the best six papers to be presented in the evening. The date would be Friday 27th February 2009 to tie in with the Post-Fellowship meeting in the afternoon.

The joint meeting with Manchester would be on 25th March 2009 which is the 175th year celebration of the Manchester Medical Society. To mark the event the MMS has booked Manchester Town Hall and has planned for all sections to hold meetings in various rooms in the building with a dinner in the evening in the main hall. The LSA would be invited to the afternoon meeting where several local speakers who have or have had high office in the AAGBI, RSM and ICS will speak on topics of their choice.

The AGM would be held on Friday 15th May 2009 when, reverting back to tradition, the President will give the Presidential address.

6. Any other business

David Gray brought up the subject of queuing on the stairs for dinner and suggested that we again try getting everybody upstairs and seated with nibbles and drinks on the tables and ask them to come to be served when ready. Ewen Forrest said he would speak to John Chambers on this matter. David Gray also asked whether we could think again about car parking only for retired members and people that had reserved a space. The only opinion was that a place should always be reserved for the President and Ewen Forrest said that he would arrange this in the future.

There was further discussion about the society making its mark on the seminar room with boards featuring the names of Past Presidents and winners of the Tom Forrest and Jackson Rees Medals or since the start of the competition.

Raymond Ahearn asked about the ‘Open Forum’ debate which had been proposed as a brief ten minute discussion of a topic at the start of meetings. Professor Hunter said that she thought it might work when there was a local speaker however she was against the idea when a national speaker had been invited. It was proposed that it could be tried out at the joint meeting with the MSA next October depending upon the choice of speaker.

The date of the next committee meeting was provisionally decided as Monday 14th April 2008.

The meeting closed at 20.15.

Ewen Forrest

Hon Sec



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