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Minutes from Committee Meeting 24th November 2005

PRESENT: Dr W.Roberts Dr E. Forrest Dr I.Tweedie Dr T.Gilbertson Dr Angela Murray Dr R.O’Kell Dr A.Florence Prof M.Leuwer Dr D.Gray Dr B.Phillips Dr June Cooper Dr D.Gray Dr S.Ridler (for Dr L.Wilson) Dr C.Cowan Dr C.Bell Dr J.Chambers Dr R.Ahearn


1) Apologies

Dr G.Bush Prof T.C.Gray Prof R.S. Jones Dr J.Crooke Dr J.Fazackerley Dr J.E.Riding


2) Minutes of the Committee Meeting on 27th June 2005

The minutes were agreed as correct apart from a couple of typographical errors.


3) Matters arising from the Minutes

a) Open Forum

June Cooper asked about the progress of the Open Forum idea. Ewen Forrest reported that Prof Hunter had been approached and was supportive of the idea of chairing a topical discussion on any subject. It was re-iterated that it would need to be structured and last for at most 15 minutes, to ensure that meetings do not drag on and must not over shadow the main speaker. The subject should be pre-determined and now with the improvement in communication through email, could be more immediate. The committee decided to put the idea to members at the AGM in May 2006 to decide whether it should go any further.

b) Anaesthetic Suite at the LMI

The Anaesthetic Suite at the LMI was currently being built at a cost of approximately £45,000. The committee was asked whether the Society was prepared to make a significant donation to the Suite in terms of a 3 way equal split between the LMI, the Mersey School and the LSA. Ian Tweedie reported that there was approximately £35,000 in the LSA accounts at present and asked what we would get for this investment. David Gray replied that we would have a permanent place for exhibiting historical artefacts and a permanent facility within the LMI for committee meetings etc. Several other members said that it was an opportunity to invest in the future of the LSA and a way of heightening our profile at the LMI. After some discussion, it was agreed that for the Society to put in this investment, the LMI should be asked to no longer charge the LSA for the hire of the Institution for our normal events, ie the 5 evening meetings and committee meetings. Anne Florence stated that this precedent had already been set by the Liverpool Medical History Society. Tony Gilbertson proposed that we should agree to make a donation towards the cost of the suite upto a maximum of £15,000 and Ian Tweedie agreed that this sum was currently affordable for the Society. There was unanimous support for the proposal.


4) Nomination of Officers

The tenure of Officers of the Society and committee members was initially stated. The President has a 2 year tenure, the secretary and treasurer are re-elected on an annual basis by members of the society at the AGM in May. Ordinary members of the committee are asked to take up their positions for 3 years. Co-opted members can ordinary members had been on the committee. Raymond Ahearn said that his view was that if a committee member had not made an appearance for over 2 years he/she should be replaced. The secretary agreed to clarify the time served of all members. It was also proposed that members of the Society would be asked by email for nominations or expressions of interest from people prepared to serve on the committee to bring fresh ideas to the table.


5) Programme for the Session 2006-2007

In the minutes of the last meeting, it had been proposed that the Society should have a further afternoon meeting in the autumn instead of 2 evening meetings because of poor attendances on Friday evenings. Ewen Forrest said that his view had changed and with the greater publicity for the meetings gained by email for the 2 recent Friday evening meetings, the attendance had significantly improved with more than 50 people attending both meetings. Others agreed and the current format for meetings would not change for next year to see if this trend would continue. David Gray stated that Friday nights were not ideal and for the joint meeting with the Mersey School, we should try a Wednesday night (Thursdays being unavailable to us except for the joint meeting with the LMI). After some ideas and discussion round the table, the following programme was devised

October 2006: Wednesday evening - Joint Meeting with the Mersey School, Dr Gray to organise speaker(s)

November 2006: 1st Choice - Prof Monty Mythen – ‘Balanced Fluid Regime – A Useful Tool?’ (Prof Leuwer to contact) 2nd Choice – Prof Pierre Foex – ‘The role of Beta Blockers in Management of the High Risk Surgical Patient’ 3rd Choice – Dr Paul Trayhurn – ‘Fat – An Inflammatory (T)issue’

January 2007: Joint Meeting with the LMI Sir John Temple – ‘The Future of Medical Training in the UK’

February 2007: Trainees Prize

March 2007: Joint Meeting with Section of Anaesthesia, Manchester Medical Society in Warrington ‘The Management of Head Injuries’ The Role of ICP monitoring in the DGH – Dr Carl Waldmann, Reading The Role of Hypothermia in the Management of Head Injuries ?Speaker from Walton This House believes that Head Injuries are best Treated in a Neurosurgical Centre For ?Sean Tighe, Chester / Arpan Guha, RLUH / Jane Harper, RLUH or Ed Fartherhills, Bangor Against Neurosurgeon from Walton Trends in Head Injury Outcome – TARN speaker from Manchester May 2007 AGM followed by Presidentail Address by Dr John Chambers Ewen Forrest reported that the Manchester Medical Society had recently written to him stating that they would be charging non-members of either society £50 to attend however the charging of trainees attending the March 2007 meeting was discussed. Ian Tweedie agreed to speak to Fiona Dodd to clarify whether Manchester would be charging trainees and depending on their point of view, we would follow suit.


6) Slim Volume 2

Anne Florence firstly spoke about Royal Society of Medicine meetings, which had been brought up to the North West, initially to Liverpool and subsequently to Manchester on an alternating basis. David Gray then spoke on the reasons why Liverpool had not taken on the meeting in 2005, which should have been co-hosted by the MSA. Manchester would be hosting the meeting in September 2006 and it would be the turn of Liverpool in 2007. The RSM was keen for the LSA to be involved with the organisation. After discussion, it was agreed that when the topic of the meeting was known, the committee would make a decision as to whether the Society would co-host the meeting with the RSM. Assuming that it did, it would put the Slim Volume 2 meeting back until 2008. Craig Cowan agreed to head the organising committee for Slim Volume 2 and David Gray suggested that Mark Hughes and Chris Grant should be approached, having successfully organised a meeting in Speke in 2004. Craig Cowan emphasised the need for secretarial back up for the organisation of a successful meeting and thought that Gina Hall, formerly from Arrowe Park should be approached for this purpose.


7) AOB

There was no further business to be discussed and the meeting was finished at 20.50. There will be a further committee meeting in February/March 2006 to review the progress of the programme for 2006-2007


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