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Minutes from Committee Meeting 27th June 2005

PRESENT Dr. E. Forrest Dr. A. Gilbertson Dr. R. S. Ahearn Dr. A. Florence Dr. D. Gray Dr. Chambers Dr. W. Roberts Dr. B. Phillips Dr. Gordon Bush Dr. June Cooper Dr. A. Murray Dr. C. Bell Dr. R.O’Kell

1) Apologies

Dr. Craig Cowan Dr. Martin Leuwer Dr. E. Riding Professor Cecil Gray Dr. I. Tweedie Dr. J. Crooke Dr. A. Guha

2) The Minutes of the Committee meeting of 8th December 2004

The minutes were agreed as correct apart from a couple of typographical errors with respect to the committee and programme for 2005-2006.

3) Matters arising from the Minutes

a) Slim Volume Symposium 2

No progress had been made on symposium and it was proposed that the it should be held in 2007, 5 years after the first symposium. A sub-committee had not yet been formed to organise the event. Ewen Forrest expressed his wish to not head the sub-committee as he currently had enough to organise in the near future with the regular meetings of the LSA but would be happy to have a role on the sub- committee. He pointed out the great importance of secretarial support to ensure the efficient planning and running of the event. The main role of the sub-committee would be to plan the programme. David Gray suggested that we should recruit some senior SpRs and John Chambers suggested that we approach Craig Cowan, which he would do on behalf of the society.

b) Executive Committee

This item had been put forward at the AGM in May and had not been passed and has therefore been abandoned.

c) Nomination of Officers and Ordinary Members for 2005-2006

The Director of the Mersey School of Anaesthesia would become an automatic (ex- officio) member of the committee

d) AOB

The topic of membership fees for trainees was again brought up. Ewen Forrest (in the absence of Ian Tweedie) pointed out that the difficulties of ensuring payment was made by trainees and there would be little or no sanctions against non-payers and charging trainees would be yet another reason for their non-attendance at meetings. Dr Gilbertson stated that a society without a membership fee was not worth joining but agreed that attendance at meetings was to be encouraged as far as possible and if fees put trainees off then there was little point in obtaining them.

4) Future of the LSA

Ewen Forrest went through a summary of the results of the questionnaire sent to members by David Gray. Options that were strongly in favour were the renaming of the Registrar’s Prize to the Trainee’s Prize, the LMI to remain the permanent venue, a joint autumn meeting with the MSA, an open forum item and a national meeting every 2 years. The possible solutions were discussed.

The problem of getting trainees and newer consultants involved was discussed and Ewen Forrest said that a possible solution was having afternoon meetings which would attract 3 CPD points. If afternoon meetings were held on the last Friday of the month then this would coincide with the post fellowship SpR meetings of which, by Deanery Dictat, SpRs must attend 75%. This would ensure that most SpRs had an introduction to the LSA. The afternoon programme must be attractive to not only SpRs but also consultants in order to encourage them to attend. It was agreed that the society would have initially 2 afternoon meetinga a year, the first already established with Manchester and another to involve the post fellowship SpRs. The evenings involving the joint meetings with the MSA and LMI, Trainee’s prize and AGM would remain unaltered. This change may not come into effect until 2006-2007 and would be reviewed again depending upon attendances.

Communication was thought to be very important and email was thought to be the best form for this. Ewen Forrest asked for all committee members to send their email addresses to him and the addresses of all their consulant/SAS grade colleagues (whether or not they are members). David Gray would send all the trainees email addresses so that hopefully everyone in the region would at least be aware of the topics of all meetings.

Angela Murray brought up the problem of parking for afternoon meetings but the LMI has an agreement with the Cathedral to increase parking capacity.

The full day national meeting was also agreed and would be the Slim Volume 2 in 2007. This would alternate with a joint meeting in Mersey with the MSA/RSM.

Finally, the Open Forum topic was discussed. It was felt that Prof Hunter would be an ideal regional figure to lead this item at meetings with the topic(s) to be decided by email from members prior to the meeting. Ewen Forrest agreed to contact Prof Hunter on this subject.

5) Programme for the Session 2005-2006

October 2005: Mersey School of Anaesthesia to choose speaker and provide sponsorship. Friday 21st October

November 2005: Anaesthesia Care Practitioners – Prof Andrew Smith, Morecambe Bay and/or Dr David Greaves, Newcastle Dates: November 11th,18th, December 2nd,9th.

January 12th/13th 2006: Joint meeting with the LMI. Mr M.Crumplin, Wrexham Surgeon on Surgery in Napoleonic Times James le Fanu Provisionally booked

February 10th 2006: The Registrar’s Prize. LMI booked

March 9th 2006: Joint Meeting with Manchester Anaesthetists. It would follow the formula instituted by David Gray and would be Manchester’s turn to organise. Speakers from Manchester organised, Liverpool speaker on ICU topic to be organised

May 12th/19th 2006: Wil Roberts would give his address. The meeting would probably be in LMI.

6) LSA Website

There was unanimous support for this to be created. Ewen Forrest asked whether a volunteer could be found this task. David Gray would approach a trainee with experience in this area.

7) Any other business

Following the AGM, Prof R.S.Jones had been asked to become a Life Vice- President of the LSA and he had written to the committee to willingly accept this honour. Dr Gray brought up the subject of refurbishment of part of the LMI into an anaesthetic suite. This had already been approved by the LMI and work was due to start on August 1st at a cost of £40,000. This would be 50% funded by the MSA with a further interest free loan of 25% to the LMI by the MSA to be repaid over an indeterminate time. Dr Gray asked the committee whether the LSA would like to make a donation to the refubishment of this suite to partly relieve the debt of the LMI to the MSA. In principle, the committee was in favour of the proposal however in the absence of the treasurer, no commitment could be made at this point. John Chambers’ opinion was that we should think hard before donating a very significant amount as the bank balance had only recently been turned around following the Slim Volume Symposium in 2002.

The meeting was concluded at 21.40 and a further meeting was planned before the end of the year.

Ewen Forrest



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