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The Programme for 2016-2017

There will be six meetings of the Society over the next year.

  1. Wednesday September 27th 2017 - Liverpool Medical Institution
  2. Thursday November 30th 2017 - Liverpool Medical Institution
  3. Thursday January 11th 2018 - Liverpool Medical Institution
  4. Wednesday February 28th 2018 - Liverpool Medical Institution
  5. Thursday 22nd March 2018 - Park Royal Hotel, Warrington
  6. Wednesday 9th May 2018 - Liverpool Medical Institution
CPD recognition for all meetings should be given by the RCA.

The programme will be emailed to all anaesthetists in the region prior to each meeting. All members and their guests may dine after the meeting but you must book your place. If you do not receive details of the programme and would like to, please email the secretary of the LSA with your name, grade and preferred email address. If you would like to leave feedback for a meeting you have attended, you may do so here

Wednesday 27th September 2017 - Liverpool Medical Institution at 7pm

Joint Meeting with the MSA

'The FRCA Exams - Questions & Answers'

Drs Mark Blunt & Richard Telford, Chairs of the Primary & Final Exams

The Chairmen of the Board of Examiners for both of the Primary and Final FRCA exams will speak about the current exams, their structure and the future direction of the examination process. They will then answer questions from the audience.

Recognised by RCA for 1 CPD point

CPD code 2H02, 3J02

The minutes for this meeting are available here.

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Thursday 30th November 2017 - Liverpool Medical Institution at 7pm

‘Broadening Horizons: Working outside your Comfort Zone’

Drs Annette Davis, Paul Jameson, Will Gauntlett

Drs Annette Davis, Paul Jameson, Will Gauntlett will speak about their individual experiences in working overseas, principally for charitable organisations and the challenges and rewards that it gave them.

Recognised by RCA for 1 CPD point

CPD code 1Io2, 3I00

The minutes for this meeting are available here.

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Thursday 11th January 2018 - Liverpool Medical Institution at 7pm

Joint Meeting with the LMI

‘Genomics and Tailoring Treatment for Individual Patients’

Prof Sir Munir Pirmohammed, University of Liverpool

Professor Pirmohammed who is Professor of Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology will discuss the latest advances in Genomics and how these insights will help to more personalise drug therapy and wider patient care.

Recognised by RCA for 1 CPD point

CPD code 1A02, 2A12

The minutes for this meeting are available here.

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Wednesday 28th February 2018 - Liverpool Medical Institution at 7pm

The Trainees' Prize & Jackson Rees Medal

The format will be similar to last year with a closing date for all entries of Wednesday 17th January 2018 which should be submitted to the Secretary. The complete abstract (including title, authors' names and addresses, text, table, space for figure, references and acknowledgements) should not exceed one A4 page. This format will allow 450-500 words, or 250-350 words plus a table or figure. Shortlisting of papers will pay particular attention to the originality of the idea and its clinical relevance, the amount of work that the presenting trainee had put into the paper, the clarity, quality and conclusions of the abstract. Authors of the best 4 abstracts will then be asked to give a 10 minute presentation with 5 minutes for questions at the meeting. Judging on the night will be done by the whole audience who will take into account not only the above criteria but also the quality of the presentation, slides, timekeeping and the response to questions.

Download a copy of the marking sheet.

View Pat Mullen's top tips for presenting at the Trainees' Prize, which may help you with your own presentation if you are short-listed.

Information on the medal itself and previous winners can be found here.

Prize Presentations at 7pm followed by Dinner, to book a place email Margaret Trowler (

In application to RCA for 1 CPD point

CPD Code 1I05

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Thursday 22nd March 2018 - Park Royal Hotel, Warrington, WA4 4NS at 2.00pm.

Joint Meeting with the Section of Anaesthesia of the Manchester Medical Society

The Challenging Airway'

‘The Airway Lead: Their Role and Future

Dr Alistair McNarry, Consultant Anaesthetist, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

‘The Unique Problems of the Obstetric Airway; Real or Imagined?’

Dr Simon Bricker, Consultant Anaesthetist, Countess of Chester Hospital.

‘Airway Management in the Critically Ill - New DAS Guidelines’

Dr Andy Higgs, Consultant Anaesthetist, Warrington

‘Front of Neck Access in Trauma’

Dr Clinton Jones, Consultant Anaesthetist, Aintree University Hospital

‘Video Laryngoscopy’

Dr Seema Charters, Consultant Anaesthetist, Warrington Hospital

CPD Codes 1C01, 2A01, 3A01

Approved by RCA for 3 CPD points

There will be a charge for this meeting of £50 for members (including trainees) and £100 for non-members. Places are limited so it is essential that anyone wishing to attend, book a place by emailing Margaret Trowler ( or sending her a cheque at:

Mrs M.Trowler, Pain Clinic, Elm House, Clatterbridge Hospital CH63 4JY.

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Wednesday 9th May 2018 - Liverpool Medical Institution at 7pm

AGM & Presidential Address

To be confirmed

Dr Clare Howard

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